2019 Chai Campaign

Rachel, a 95-year old widow, lives alone in a long-term care facility.  She has no family and no one visits her except for the Jewish chaplain who sees her every two or three weeks.  When the chaplain comes, Rachel’s eyes light up.  She relishes the chance to see another Jewish face, to speak Yiddish, and to enjoy the rugalach that the chaplain brings her.  That chaplain is a member of NAJC, who certified her several years ago.  She relies on NAJC for continuing education and for Jewish connectedness to help her in her professional endeavors.

NAJC is the only Jewish professional chaplaincy organization that has members from all across the spectrum of denominations from the most secular to the most frum.  Since 1990, we have been assisting Jewish chaplains to provide the best possible spiritual care through continuing education, community outreach, and since 1995, certification of professional chaplains.  Our patients and clients can be found in healthcare settings, long-term living facilities, communities, and anywhere that people live.

In times of stress, illness, disaster, death, or just trying to live their lives in dignity, Jewish people turn to professional spiritual health providers or chaplains for comfort and support.  Our chaplains along with others were there in Pittsburgh after the horrendous events took place at Tree of Life Synagogue and returned at the one-year Yahrzeit to follow up with the community.  We have been at many locations where lives were disrupted to provide solace and a helping hand.

Our Chai campaign is our annual fundraising effort.  NAJC member dues barely cover 45% of our budget; it is your gift that makes it possible for us to continue our holy work.  Please think of NAJC for your year-end giving, a time when many in our society express gratitude.

Please consider giving generously so we can continue the important work of supporting, training, educating, and certifying spiritual health specialists to be there for Rachel, and for all in need.

Thank you for your consideration!


Rabbi Dr. Moe Kaprow                                           Rabbi Dr. Joe Ozarowski,

Interim Executive Director                                      Treasurer



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